Collector's Checklist of
Books Written or Illustrated by Eric Sloane
Prepared by Town's End Books
Copyright: 1997
Updated: 10/14/2003 and 9/3/2008

Title Publisher Year A/B ID of FE
A Museum of Early American Tools Wilfred Funk, Inc. 1964 A NAP
A Reverance for Wood Funk & Wagnalls 1965 A "1"
ABC Book of Early Americana Doubleday 1963 A FE
AmerericanBarns & Covered Bridges Wilfred Funk, Inc. 1954 A "1"
America Yesterday Wilfred Funk Inc. 1956 A "1"
An Age of Barns Funk & Wagnals 1966 A "1"
An Age of Barns (in wraps) American Museum of Nat. Hist. 1976 B Apr-76
Bip: Reknown Artist of the Southwest Sherry Brown/Northland Press 1981 B FE
Book of Storms Duell, Sloane and Pearce 1956 A NAP
Camouflage Simplified The Devin-Adir Co. 1942 A FE
Clouds, Air and Wind The Devin-Adair Co. 1941 A FE
Clouds, Air and Wind - 4th Edition The Devin-Adair Co. 1941 A NAP
Diary of an Early American Boy Wilfred Funk, Inc. 1962 A "1"
Do (yellow binding in DJ & brown w/o DJ) Walker and Company 1972 A First Printed 1972
Dos & Don'ts of Yesterday (2 vol set in slip case) Walker and Company 1972 A NAP
Don't (both in DJ and w/o DJ) Funk & Wagnalls 1968 A NAP
Double Barrel (2 vol. set in slip case ) Funk & Wagnalls 1969 B 2 vol.
Eighty an American Souvenir Limited Edition Dodd Mead & Co. 1985 B FE
Eighty an American Souvenir Dodd Mead & Co. 1985 A FE
Eric Sloane An Artist's Legacy Ken Meyer Productions 1982 B 1 of 100 copies
Eric Sloane's Almanac and Weather Forecaster Duell Sloan and Pearce 1955 A FE
Eric Sloane's Americana (3 vol. set in slip case) Wifred Funk Inc. 1957 B NAP
Eric Sloane's Library of America (2 vols. in slip case) Promontory Press 1989 B 2 vol.
Eric Sloane's Sketches of America Past Promontory Press 1986 B NAP
Eric Sloane's Weather Libary (3vol. set in slip case) Duell Sloan & Pearce 1966 B 3 vol.
Eric Sloane's Weather Book Duell Sloan and Pearce 1952 A FE
Folklore of American Weather Duell, Sloan & Pearce 1963 A FE
Folklore of American Weather (reprint by Hawthorn) Hawthorn Books, Inc. n.d. B "1"
For Spacious Skies Funk & Wagnalls 1978 A "1"
Gliding and Soaring (by John Paul Andrews) (8 illus. By E.S) Robert M. McBride 1944 B "First Edition"
Gremlin Americanus B.F. Jay & Co. 1943 A NAP
How you can Forceast the Weather (in wraps) (reprint of Eric Sloane's Weather Book) A Premier Book - Fawcett Pub. 1957 B First Printed Jan.,1957
I Remember America Funk & Wagnalls 1971 A "1"
Junior Aviation Science (By D. H. Grimm) Noble & Noble, Publishers 1942 B NAP
Legacy Funk & Wagnals 1979 A FE
Let's Fly/An ABC of Flying (by Ernest G. Vetter) William Morrow & Co. 1940 B NAP
Look at the Sky Duell Sloan and Pearce 1961 A FE
Look at the Sky and Tell the Weather World Publishing Company 1970 A 1979
Mr. Daniels & The Grange Funk & Wagnalls 1968 A NAP
Once upon a Time The way America Was                                  (issued in both green & yellow DJs) Hastings House 1982 A NAP
Our Vanishing Landscape Wilfred Funk 1955 A "1"
Pilot's Information File (4 illustrations in section 3) War Department 1943 B NAP
Recollections in Black & White Walker & Co. 1974 A "1"
Recollections in Black & White - Enlarged Portfolio Edt. Funk & Wagnalls 1978 A "1"
Return to Taos in wraps Hastings House 1982 B NAP
Return to Taos/a sketchbook of .... Wifred Funk, Inc. 1960 A "1"
School Days (2 vol. set in slip case) Doubleday & Co. 1973 B 2 vol.
Skies and The Artist Art Books For All 1950 A NAP
The Cracker Barrel Wilfred Funk, Inc 1967 A FP
The Little Book of Bells (text by Eric Hatch) Duell, Sloane and Pearce 1964 A FE
The Little Red Schoolhouse Doubleday & Company 1972 A FE
The Providnet Planner (text by Roger Rasbach) Walker & Company 1976 B "1" in number line
The Seasons of America Past Wilfred Funk 1958 A "1"
The Second Barrel Funk & Wagnals 1967 A NAP
The Sound of the Bells Doubleday & Company 1966 A FE
The Spirits of '76 Walker and Company 1973 A "1"
Three by Sloane (3 vol. set in slip case) Wilfred Funk Inc. 1969 B 3 vol
Your Body in Flight  T.O.  00-25-13 Air Service Command 1943 A 7/20/43
Your Body in Flight T.O. 30-105-1 Maint. Data Section 1944 B NAP
Your Wings - Revised Edt. by Jordanoff Funn & Wagnals 1940 B May-40
Your Wings - New Edt. by Jordanoff Funk & Wagnals 1940 B Nov-40
Your Wings - New Rev. Edt. by Jordanoff Funk & Wagnals 1942 B Sep-40

     FE = First Edition 
     DJ = dust jacket
     NAP = No Addition Printings Noted
     A = Primary Item
     B = Secondary Item