Titles in the Lakeside Classic Series
Arranged by date of publication.

Some Background Information on the Lakeside Classics

The collection of Lakeside Classics are the longest, continuously running series of Americana.  Every year since 1903 their publisher, The Lakeside Press an imprint of R. R. Donnelley & Son, has produced these carefully bound books as Christmas gifts to their employees, stockholders, vendors and business associates.  The books in the series have never been sold by R. R. Donnelley, so their sale only occurs when the books have entered the secondary market.

Until recently the aim had been to reproduce a book which has been long out of print, extremely uncommon and only known to historians of the early West.   Additionally, the book had to cover a subject matter which provides the reader with an accurate, first person narrative of events, times or places of the pioneering period of the U.S.   All of the books in the series have been produced in a 16mo format with a uniform depth.   With only a few exceptions, the volumes are roughly the same width as the publisher changed the weight of the paper employed to make appropriate adjustments.

Every twenty-five years the color of the binding has changed.   From 1903 to 1927 the publisher used a dark green cloth to cover the boards (now often referred to as the "greenies".)  From 1928 to 1952 there was a red cloth covering; from 1953 to 1977 a dark blue cloth was employed; from 1978 to 2002 a dark brown cloth was employed. In December of 2003 the publishers again changed the cloth binding to a blue turqoise color to mark the 101st year of Lakeside Classics.   All have gilt text stamping on the spine and the front boards have always shown the then current seal for the Lakeside Press.

Reliable sources have informed us that The Lakeside Press produced approximately 1,000 copies of the 1903 edition.  However, for the years 1904 through 1910 the number of printings was reduced to approximately 600 copies for each year.  Reprints of only the first five books in the series were produced for sale under the Reilly & Britton Company imprint.  They were printed and bound in the same format by The Lakeside Press but released under the general heading of the Patriotic Classics.

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